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Frequently Asked Questions

If I attend the center do I need to be there for the whole day?
You are free to arrive and depart at any time during our hours of operation. We have a full day and half day option for attendance. Half day is for 4 hours; a full day is any day that is longer than 4 hours.

Do I need to attend the center every day of the week?
Some clients attend 1-2 days per week; some attend 5 days/ week. It is up to the availability in the center and the client and family as to how many days they attend.

Can I come in any day I am available?
We maintain a maximum number of clients each day; clients choose specific days of attendance when beginning participation in the center. If changes to that schedule are needed or desired, contact the manager of the center they attend to determine if a day can be added or changed to another day.

How will I get to and from the center?
Your family or caregiver are welcome to bring you to the center and take you home.
There is transportation available through Red Rose Transit Authority (Red Rose Access) for all of Lancaster County. It is a door to door service and is subsidized by Lancaster County Office of Aging for adults over the age of 60. They serve all of Lancaster County and the cost is between $2.00- $6.50 depending on the mileage from the center to where you live.

Do you serve people under the age of 60?
Eden East and Eden West serve all people , any age, with a diagnosis of dementia.
Eden West may only serve 3 people under the age of 60 without a diagnosis of dementia. There is currently a 2+ year waiting list for people under age 60.

Are there any programs that will assist with the costs of attending ADS?
There is assistance available though the Lancaster County Office of Aging and the Veterans Administration if you qualify. Contact them directly to check the qualifications and availability. Landis Homes offers a financial aid fund as well.

How do we start the process of admission to one of the centers?
Contact one of the managers to have an information packet mailed to you and to arrange a tour of the center. If you are unsure which center to contact, just pick one,and we can help you figure out where to begin. If there is a waiting list to attend you will need to come and take a tour with the client to be added to that list.