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Eden West

Eden West provides adults who are unable to stay home alone a place to come and enjoy the day. They can independently choose activities to participate in: cards, discussion, exercise, swimming, arts, music – we attempt to provide opportunity for all.

Eden West is for people who would benefit from social interaction, cognitive stimulation and appropriate physical activity.  Many who come to Eden West find that new friendships are formed, and one’s world is expanded in ways that are comfortable and enjoyable.

The staff is understanding of the different reasons  clients come to Eden West: a variety of medical needs, when it no longer feels safe to be home alone  or just a need to not be isolated when there is a community that is nonthreatening and understanding right here in Lancaster County .

You can have a Sunday dinner every day (but Saturday and Sunday).  The dining services staff provide tasty, balanced and varied meals.  We offer a continental breakfast for those who come and want some coffee and toast with their newspaper.

The center is managed by a Licensed Practical Nurse. Assistance with medication administration, treatments and personal care is available as needed.

Contact information

Eden West
Christy Carpenter

Hours of Operation
7:00 am – 4:30 pm

Costs (Effective July 1, 2018)
Full Day – $68.50
Half Day – $48.00
[Shower – $19.10 additional]

Landis Adult Day Services works collaboratively with Lancaster County Office of Aging, Lancaster County Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and the Veterans Administration in providing services to clients. Clients have the right to be provided services at these centers and be referred for services at other centers without regard to age, race, color, religious creed, sex, disability, handicap, ancestry, national origin or ability to pay.